Management Controlling

Value Manager is a complete and evolved solution supporting the entire planning and control process, which was developed by Cedacri based on the software by zeb/, a Cedacri international partner specializing in value governance solutions. This platform allows full-scale management of all phases of the planning and control cycle:

  • Operating planning (annual budget)
  • Calculation engine for internal transfer rates
  • Cost Allocation
  • Network reporting (balances, volumes, profitability, …)
  • Commercial reporting (redemption campaigns, Customer entries/exits, …)
  • Executive reporting

This platform is integrated and modular, therefore it allows Group management as well as single Bank management, all cash flows to be discounted and maximum flexibility in cost analysis and allocation, thus allowing also profitability to be calculated in a "full cost" mode, at level of single business units, Customer segments, geographical areas, Branches, Customers and products.

In addition to these features, guided breakdown analyses can be performed on individual accounts, based on Data Quality techniques, which ensure maximum reliability of data.

The powerful and flexible Front End has been developed by Cedacri in Microsoft environment creating MOLAP (Microsoft Analysis Services 2012) cubes that are designed based on Oracle reporting data, Microsoft Reporting Services 2012 and XLCubed reports; these technologies have significantly improved Batch and ON Line performance, enhancing the Customers' independence in defining their Reporting.

The main Advantages of the new solution include the following:

  • Daily/Monthly Volumes and Profit ( Loss) data are integrated in a single multidimensional cube
  • Processes relating to DWH, Calculation Engines or to Hierarchy management are independent of cube navigation and do not affect its performance

Navigation/Reporting creation through XLCubed with full possibility to customize the layout or use of Excel Graphs or Microcharts to steer intuitively and immediately analyses of the central and peripheral structures.


  • Unequivocal data
  • Single and high-granularity DW (single contract) with a powerful and flexible Front end
  • Data certification, quality and reliability
  • Integration between operating budget and actuals