Supervisory Reporting

Cedacri has created Matrix, a modular solution that allows most efficient reporting to the Supervisory Authorities, as well as constant full compliance with the legislation in force. Matrix complies with Puma2 (the Bank of Italy's corporate matrix unified procedure) and has unique and innovative features for reporting. This solution allows Banks, Financial Companies, Intermediaries of Securities and Securitization Companies an evolution of their reporting systems in both technological and organizational terms; it shifts the operating load onto a platform, which is distributed thanks to a streamlined and dynamic structure, and allows users to save time and resources in preparing and sending reports, through a simple, intuitive interface that is fully in line with the requirements in force.


  • Work times decreasing by at least 30%
  • Streamlining of each single phase in the reporting process
  • Availability of diagnostics and reconciliations on data through evolved techniques
  • User-friendly operation
  • Data dictionary with high-level controls
  • Constant traceability of information
  • Saving financial and human resources pertaining to the EDP area and to the administrative functional area
  • Possibility to investigate and process previous relevant matters in full compliance with the regulations in force at the chosen time