Case Study Gruppo Credem


Credem outsourced the management of the Mainframe, Server Farm, the Desktop Management service supporting the Group Banks' staff to Cedacri, as well as the management of its ATM fleet, obtaining significant advantages, both in terms of quality and reliability of the service and in terms of solution scalability and expense optimization by over 20%. As at today's date, the Banking Group uses 2,300 MIPS of the Mainframe, managed servers are approximately 900 and workstations that are supported with the Desktop Management service are over 6,000, while managed ATMs are approximately 600.


Credem - one of the leading Italian private Banking Groups, with over 5,650 employees, a total of 635 branches, enterprise centers and financial shops, 770 financial planners, 260 Creacasa (mortgage loans and loans) financial agents and 90 financial agents specializing in loans with assignment of one fifth of salary – was looking for a new partner for the management of its technological infrastructure in order to:

  • control expenses with guarantee of quality and reliability
  • make management more flexible, with a scalable solution
  • focus on the Facility Management component, both for the Mainframe and Server Farm
  • complete Facility Management with a Desktop Management component – for over 6,000 workstations


Following thorough assessment of the leading players on the market, Credem has selected Cedacri as its new partner for the Facility Management of its technological infrastructure.

The main reasons to choose Cedacri, as stated by the Bank, were the following:

  • its extensive experience in the banking sector,
  • its excellent Server Farm, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions
  • guaranteed compliance with very binding and strict SLAs, which were a priority for the Bank


Cedacri manages the Mainframe, Server Farm, ATMs and the Desktop Management service supporting the staff of the Credem Group Banks.
Today, this Banking Group, which has been outsourcing its facility management to Cedacri since 2007, uses approximately 8% of its total processing power, equal to 2.300 MIPS of the Mainframe (for over 5 million transactions a day and a little over 56 million pages printed a year); the managed servers are approximately 900 and the workstations supported with the Desktop Management service are over 6,000.


The strategic choice to outsource the above activities to Cedacri has allowed Credem to focus on its core business, to work on the quality of its products and services, as well as on innovation of the services provided to its Customers, being able to rely on economies of scale. The results, as stated by the Banking Group, have been the following:

  • Increased quality of the service with specific reference to the Server Farm and Desktop Management
  • Reduction in total expenses by over 20%
  • Excellent migration service and excellent service in the various critical phases of operations
  • Business continuity solution ranking at the top of the Italian market for guarantee of continuity of operations and reliability

Credem has stated: “We know that, working with Cedacri, we can rely on a partner that, thanks to its experience in providing services to Banks, can operate in true synergy, developing value-added solutions and designing shared projects for innovation, growth and development.”