Case Study Miroglio Group


The Miroglio Group, one of the leading players in the Italian and world textile and clothing industry, has chosen Cedacri as its partner for facility management outsourcing of its technological infrastructure on Mainframe, in order to renew its IT department and to align this infrastructure to its new strategic objectives. This outsourcing choice has allowed Miroglio to significantly reduce expenses for its IT infrastructure, to adjust fees based on actual use of the Mainframe and to define particularly strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to ensure service quality.


The Miroglio Group - a leading player in the textile and clothing industry, with over 11,000 employees, 53 companies in 34 Countries and 2,000 single-brand stores - needed to significantly change its IT department, through a plan designed to align its technological infrastructure and application park to its new strategic objectives.
The Group global growth had to be supported by an adequate, sound and innovative technological infrastructure, able to increase process efficiency, to optimize investments, to meet constant requirements for change on an international scale.


The Miroglio Group has opted to outsource in order to reduce expenses and to concomitantly ensure high service standards. After exhaustively assessing facility management proposals made by several important players in the sector, the Miroglio Group chose Cedacri.
The Group set forth the following factors as elements facilitating the selection process:

  • lower prices of the services
  • Cedacri's wide experience and knowledge of the sector
  • the guarantee of high service levels
  • particular understanding between the top management of the two Companies, which was fostered by a shared philosophy in terms of cooperation.

“Cedacri has proved to meet all requirements to be our partner of choice within these scopes”, stated Giampaolo Savigliano, IT System Engineer Manager of the Miroglio Group.


Migration of the Miroglio Group IT system from the mainframe located in Alba, where the Groups is headquartered, onto Cedacri Mainframe technological platform, which can make 30,000 MIPS available for the Mainframe environment and a Farm of over 4,000 Servers on different operating platforms.
The migration of the Group 2,500 workstations was carried out in one weekend, linearly and effectively, in full compliance with the quoted fees, and so that, upon resuming work on the following Monday, the employees found no difference. Currently, Cedacri is in charge of the management of the entire technological infrastructure, as well as of all hardware and software updates, while the management and development of the application park are the Miroglio Group's responsibility.


Choosing Cedacri Facility Management services has allowed the Miroglio Group to significantly reduce expenses for its IT infrastructure with the possibility to adjust the fees based on actual use of the Mainframe, as well as to finalize particularly strict Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guaranteeing service quality.

“The choice to outsource allows us to constantly rely on a provider that has latest-generation high-reliability infrastructure and plants, which are constantly evolving in terms of technology.”, said Gianni Leone, CIO of the Miroglio Group.