Case Study Reale Mutua


The Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni Insurance Company has chosen to contract out the housing of its technological infrastructure to Cedacri in order to meet its requirements for maintenance and technological renewal of equipment, as well as for the management of the Disaster Recovery service. The cooperation between the Reale Mutua di Assicurazioni Insurance Company and Cedacri has led to a reduction in expenses by approximately 15% and to stronger focus of the internal IT department on the core business areas, thus generating advantages for the Company as a whole, as well as for end Customers.


The old Data Center of the Insurance Group, which was located at its headquarters downtown Turin, had started to show structural limits that might have become critical in a Business Continuity perspective. Therefore, after assessing the option of building works, which were difficult to make in an historical building such as that housing the Company Headquarters, Reale Mutua has opted for the housing of its technological infrastructure.


Reale Mutua carried out an exhaustive and accurate analysis to select its partner: a company able to provide state-of-the-art solutions in technological terms, as well as in terms of infrastructure safety and of hardware technical features, able to ensure the required flexibility to support the change process and with extensive experience in the sector of financial services. Moreover, the Company set, as a preferential standard, a partner being based in Italy, in order to have higher control guarantees. After the market study was completed, in September 2011, Cedacri was found as the Company better meeting the complex requests of the Insurance Group.


Reale Mutua and Cedacri worked in close cooperation to define all the aspects of the complex migration project, which entailed significant challenges in both technological and organizational terms. At the end of February 2012, the mainframe operations were moved to Collecchio with no repercussion on the activities of users, both Group and Branches ones. In subsequent phases, the migration of all department servers was completed. Finally, the disaster recovery service was set on the Cedacri Data Center in Castellazzo Bormida, which ensures the recovery of Reale Mutua systems and data within 4 hours at the most from disaster declaration.


”The choice for the housing of our technological infrastructure in Cedacri Data Center has proved winning under all aspects: not only have we significantly increased the safety of our systems, thus reducing risks for our business, but we have also been able to reduce expenses by approximately 15% remarked Luigi Lana, General Manager of Reale Mutua. “Moreover, having Cedacri as our partner ensures continuous availability of state-of-the-art hardware resources, thanks to its constant focus on and to its significant investments in innovation”.