AML Outsourcing Services

The approach used to activate the GIANOS 4D solution in outsourcing arises from the consolidation of different experiences and is represented through a structured framework, as illustrated in the figure, with specific units dedicated to supporting specialised activities essential for the provision of the Service, including:

  • service desk
  • monitoring services (SLAs and KPIs)
  • continuous monitoring of AR compliance
  • maintenance and Assistance
  • facility management services
  • assistance and maintenance for all product components
  • • adaptation to regulatory evolutions on the matter of Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism, emanated during the validity of the contract.


Each unit is characterised by technical/functional type activities, which when performed in a coordinated manner allow efficient governance and use of the SERVICE.


Service Desk

The Service Desk provides support to ensure the proper operation of the outsourcing SERVICE.
It oversees certain checks and ensures the outcomes are correct. It acts as an interface to manage the entire procedure for any requests through ticketing tools.


Maintenance and Assistance

This component of the SERVICE deals with the elimination of faults, Routine Maintenance and Evolutive/Special Maintenance. It performs release tests in case of updates and governs the process for new releases in production. It operates in collaboration with the Anti-Money Laundering Continuous Compliance Monitoring unit during all stages of evolution.


Facility Management

The SERVICE component that guarantees the management, monitoring, eventual procurement and if necessary, consolidation for infrastructures necessary to provide the SERVICE. The entire System and Network Management component is monitored both continuously and following events/expiry dates for all systems involved.


SERVICE Monitoring

Represents the unit in charge of monitoring performance, establishing metrics, systematically collecting data both to measure service levels and performance indicators but also to check any areas for improvement or review of the SLAs and KPIs, so as to direct continuous improvement.


Anti-Money Laundering Compliance Monitoring

The complementary Anti-Money Laundering Continuous Compliance Monitoring service involves a series of control and monitoring activities with the aim of periodically evaluating the general level of compliance, any GAPs that may have emerged and improvement actions to adopt. This SERVICE component oversees all stages of the evolution of new releases and customisations, working in close collaboration with the primary actors.