Credit Quality Management

Today's policies for loan portfolio management must be increasingly focuses on risk/return - efficiency, so as to ensure a good performance of lending, promptly responding to any changes in economic cycles. Continuous exposure to the credit quality deterioration led to innovation of organizational models, driving loan management policies towards progressive decentralization of responsibilities to the distribution network structures.
Constant monitoring of any changes in the banking market and continuous exchange with its Customers allowed Cedacri to detect in advance any evolving tendencies in ITC services and to develop the new Credit Quality Management solution, a platform with innovative features both in terms of daily profiling of the credit quality of each position in the portfolio and in terms implementation of strategies to improve credit quality and to recover impaired exposures.

Key features of the solution

  • An evolved tool for the management of credit quality profiling rules
  • An engine for credit quality profiling with a daily update cycle
  • Management of monitoring and soft collection processes through a workflow engine
  • Business Activity Monitor
  • Hierarchical views of the loan portfolio quality
  • Hierarchical transition matrices on the dynamics of the loan portfolio quality
  • Integration with credit data warehouses


  • Automated implementation of credit quality management policies
  • Executive and operating reporting on the quality of the loan portfolio
  • Automation of credit quality management processes
  • Operating decentralization of credit quality management to the peripheral network
  • Verification of the performance of credit quality management