Origination Loans

In order to meet the requirement of protecting the quality of loans from the effects of the worsening financial crisis, as well as in order to make internal processes more effective and efficient and to improve the time for response to Customers, Cedacri has created an innovative Origination Loans platform that allows Banks to differentiate loan application processing based on the risk/return profile of each loan application, in accordance with the lending policies adopted, automating information collection and optimizing control on loan quality. The loan application processing can include both “quantitative” and “qualitative” elements that each Customer can summarize, based on parametric criteria, into an integrated indicator of creditworthiness.
The measurement of creditworthiness is also supported by automated measurement systems that provide objective indications both on the riskiness of the parties involved and on expected losses in case of default.

Features of the solution

  • Automated acquisition of information from both internal sources and external providers (business information, expert reports, credit bureau, etc.)
  • Integrated document management in order to achieve full dematerialization of the loan application processing file, thus reducing processing times and the operating risks associated to paper document management.
  • Integration with the conditions definition process
  • Integration with the rating attribution process
  • Automation and control of the management of communications to the applicant
  • Management of finalization of guarantees and generation/storage of agreements.


  • Automation of processes and reduction of hand work
  • Objective measurement of the riskiness of counterparties and of transactions
  • Summary views dedicated to the measurement of creditworthiness by the decision-making person
  • Management of lending policies for acceptance