Risk - MAPS

MAPS: A model for the analysis, forecasting and simulation of the financial and income dynamics of “AQR compliance” firms, this is an operational tool to support the new credit risk assessment process. The main objective of MAPS is to verify the economic-financial implications of the set of company strategies and their financial sustainability over time. It therefore allows the bank to:

  • Assess companies from an “going concern” perspective
  • Check the suitability of cash flows to cover outstanding debt (repayment capacity)
  • Check the financial sustainability of the company’s projects (feasibility over time)
  • Check the consequences of adverse situations and the company’s resilience capacity (stress test)

The MAPS system is fully integrated with the Balance Sheet Database, from which it extracts historical information (financial statements) and has the task of processing prospective information in order to develop forecasts. The aim is to integrate the current company management and assessment process with an analysis of prospective income and financial dynamics, through the processing of information based on which the company business plan is developed.