Treasury and Cash Management

JCompass is a framework which supports the treasury and risk managers of companies who wish to monitor incoming and outgoing financial flows, both in real time and projected into the future. The flexibility of the system, furthermore, allows the client to expand the system's scope with its custom reporting facilities and large database for qualitative and quantitative analyses.

The application is intended for the treasury departments of both banks and financial institutions, as well as corporate finance departments.

Principal functions:

  • Liquidity control: Liquidity control is provided by reports together with a series of control panels.
  • Control of the cash value of assets: Compass provides control of T-1 liquidity of company assets.
  • Foreseeable liquidity and cash flow projections: projects by bucket or individual liquidity date.
  • Control of operating and trend-related limits – Liquidity policy: Limit management framework which allows the user to calculate, monitor, log and control liquidity management activities, articulating liquidity policy into a set of controls and reports.


  • Constant and timely monitoring of the Bank's liquidity
  • Forecast models for cash flows of all events known to the information system
  • Control of operating and performance limits