Strategic CRM

Cedacri's new strategic CRM platform can support every pre-sale and sale phase (at the branch and through direct channels) through the use of advanced marketing logics. The solution is natively integrated into the operative CRM of Cedacri's system to provide clients with a system for management of end-to-end sale processes enabling effective commercial action logics.
Cedacri's strategic CRM is based on predictive models that can be used to achieve customer segmentation based on behaviour, outline the life cycle of each customer, select which product is more likely to be bought by a customer in the near future, evaluate switching probability and determine the implicit potential of a portfolio. This last model is particularly innovative, as it allows you to determine the sensitivity of a current retail customer portfolio and estimate the increase in profitability resulting from specific commercial actions.


  • Improved processes and effectiveness in the following activities:
    • Analysis and development of marketing plan
    • Planning and monitoring commercial actions
    • Management of commercial campaigns
    • Customer relations
  • Featuring advanced, reliable static engines
    • Pre-configured processing solution that makes it always possible to intervene on the input variables of models at any phase of processing
    • Maximum adaptability to the characteristics of each specific business model
  • Use of analytical instruments that facilitate the task of interpreting processing results