Data Lake, Big Data and Data Analytics

Cedacri has integrated Big Data technology in a Distribution & Marketing environment for the purpose of improving the use of data, even if unstructured, to predict customer needs and encourage real time interaction, thus maximising upselling. The Cedacri system offers banks multiple possibilities: to offer its customers personalised credit, customising the proposal and adapting it to customer needs in terms of the loan “shape”; to identify multi-bank customers who transfer their savings or terminate loans early with other banks; to correlate the future behaviour of customers with actions tracked by managers; to discover the transactions of private customers with respect to their own family network (support to children, parents, relatives); to identify systematic factors of dissatisfaction in order to implement corrective actions and reduce the risk of abandonment.

Also in this case, Cedacri offers the possibility to use a new “Services” solution, which allows the bank to define its own strategy and rely on Cedacri for the interpretation of data (with specific Cedacri Data Scientists), in terms of both the definition and use of algorithms or statistical engines, even predictive, in order to eventually define a target and develop a campaign with a specific economic return. Cedacri therefore offers the possibility to identify flexible solutions that can be adapted to suit all types of bank needs.