GIANOS®, an acronym for Anomaly Index Generator for Suspicious Transactions, is a software tool to help manage regulatory compliance, aimed at preventing use of the financial system for the purpose of laundering the proceeds of criminal activities and the financing of terrorism.

GIANOS® is a leading Italian company in terms of the method with which it was conceived, designed, developed and continuously updated, and in terms of its significant contribution toward the fight against money laundering. The experience acquired by the Italian bankiùng system since 1993, subsequently implemented in the majority of insurance companies and other intermediaries, represents the highest applicative expression achieved in computer models for the analysis of unusual economic behaviour, given that by determining the risk and selecting specific transactions to investigate in terms of their level of suspicion, real objective and subjective data is processed, selected and weighted from the outset, by a qualified committee of experts with legal, technical, organisational and managerial knowledge, whose decisions are the result of an ongoing debate, of numerous studies and trials, of comparisons with institutional authorities and reflections made with category associations.

The uniqueness of the Italian experience is characterised by the macro-system of activities triggered by the procedure, which together form a virtuous circuit that nurtures a culture of legality and prevents the pollution of the pathological economy.

The analysis of concrete phenomena has, over time, highlighted a number of needs, often envisaged in the solutions adopted within the procedure, anticipating the legislation in force, which is only subsequently adapted further to evidence of the effectiveness of said measures. The GIANOS system experience led to legal acknowledgement of the use of computer programmes to assist the identification of suspicious transactions, introduced by European law and transposed into the Italian legal system in 1997.