Business Information

Business Information

Cedacri offers flexible, modular business information services, tailored – in terms of configuration, volume and means of delivery – to the most specific requirements, to enable every type of bank to get to know its customers properly, assess their potential, prevent insolvency and recover debt.

- mortgage decisions, with real estate and chamber of commerce information services and real estate expert reports

- the management of security covering active loans, with land registry monitoring data of real estate offered as collateral, chamber of commerce monitoring and monitoring of prejudicial events

- credit recovery, with services for tracing and assessing the probability of recovery, the real estate assets on which to focus the recovery, and administrative support for preparing the forced recovery process

- cancellation and renewal of mortgages, with automated solutions for acquiring and integrating the data, and services for completing land registry office procedures

Real Estate

Cedacri provides Real Estate services for property valuations for all those who on a daily basis deal with the provision and recovery of loans, with acquisitions, disposals and management of real estate portfolios in the Retail and Corporate environment.

- Retail and Corporate valuations: Valuations of small residential and commercial properties, offices and agricultural land for the Retail Area; finished properties or development projects for hospitality, office, commercial, industrial, residential and special use for the Corporate Area, but also State of Progress Real Estate appraisals, inspecting construction sites of properties under construction or renovation

- Due diligence Documentary audits, verification of regulatory compliance, investigation to reveal any missing documentation, compliance activities

- Saleability certificate: preparation of adequate documentation for correct real estate disposal

- Document analysis: documentary data management, implementation and updating with setting up of a physical and virtual data room

- Advisory: all-round support in acquisition/disposal procedures: real estate analyses, regulatory, technical and financial advice, purchase-sale procedures, feasibility studies, potential target search, business plans, assistance in relations with third parties, tender management

- Second opinions: support advice concerning analyses or valuations already carried out, verification and comparison of results obtained with data extrapolated from our database


  • Complete range of solutions to support decisions throughout the credit cycle
  • Flexible, modular business information solutions, tailored – in terms of configuration, volume and means of delivery – to the most specific requirements
  • Analyses which meet objective criteria, in accordance with International Valuation Standards (RICS) and ABI Guidelines